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Everything You Need to Know About Aisha's Nail Stain

Aishas Nail Stain make it possible for the women who want to colour their nails, but not compromise their salah. Our products are vegan, organic, chemical free, and wudu friendly. All ingredients are grown in a warm climate. 

Established on the foundations of dedication and commitment, Aishas Nail Stain provides their nail stain worldwide with wholesale options available. 

Halal nail stain

Wudhu friendly / ORGANIC &VEGAN

Ingredients:Natural henna oil, mineral water, rose water, Chestnut hulls, Himalayan Rhubarb root, Flower scents, Tea Tree oil, Catechu Gamboge Tree Resin, Indigofera leaves, Kamala seed pods, Madder Root, Mangosteen peel, Elderberry bark, Roselle, Japanese Maple,  

(Black Walnut Shade black only )

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